Open Head Drum Lifter

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Open Head Drum Lifter

Open Head Drum Lifter

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For use with a standard 30 or 55 gallon open or closed head steel or poly drums with a 3/16 inch chime.

Three point contact of the lifting arms minimizes deformation of the drum and provides more secure lifting allowing the drum lid to be re-used in most cases. Unit is shipped at the 55 gallon drum setting with clevis pin in the outer hole of the lifter arms. For 30 gallon drums, just change the clevis pin to adjust the lifting arms. 

Lower the unit onto drum, making sure that all three lifting arms overhang the rim of the drum. Lift, while assuring that all three arms are in contact with the drum rim and continue lifting to the desired height.

  • Usable drum diameter with a 55 gallon drum is 21.5 inch - 22.5 inch. 
  • Usable drum diameter with a 30 gallon drum is 18 inch - 19 inch.

Use with hoist or convert your forklift to operate as a hoist by adding hook adapter (STH-456SL) for single drum or (DTH10-20) for double fork drum mount.


1000 lb
Open & Closed-Head Drum Lifter
16 lb
29 1/2"
Height :
5 1/2"
29 1/2"