Can and Pail Crusher - Air Power

Can and Pail Crusher - Air

Can and Pail Crusher - Air Power

$3,630.80 Each
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Crush metal 5 gallon pails, 1 gallon paint cans up to 15 inch tall and 12 inch diameter, and standard automotive filters up to 9 inch tall and 6 inch diameter. Minimize waste hauling costs by reducing waste volume, cutting down on trash pick-ups and eliminating hazardous waste disposal fees. Increase income by selling recyclable materials. Ready-to-use crusher connects to an 85 – 115 psi shop air supply.

  • Produces 6.5 tons of crushing force @ 100 psi
  • Reduces volume of empty containers by 75%
  • Safety interlock stops machine if door is opened
  • Heavy-duty structural steel frame and industrial-grade components

Crushes 5 gallon pails in 60 seconds, 1 gallon cans in less than 30 seconds, and a 7 inch oil filter in less than 30 seconds. Container contents drain through a supplied drain hose into a separate container such as a pail (sold separately) positioned under the unit.

This unit is bench mountable or it may be mounted on optional floor stand, see item PC15XS.

Caution: All paint cans and pails must be open and not sealed and any caps/plugs removed before crushing. Unit is not designed for crushing of glass containers or items that may shatter or contain volatile vapors.

18 month limited
210 lb.
Height :