Bond Rite Remote Ground Verification System

Bond Rite Remote Ground Verification System

Bond Rite Remote Ground Verification System

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Bond-Rite ground verification system offers safe and economical solutions for applications where it is necessary to verify a good static grounding and bonding connection onto containers, drums, road tankers, railcars and other conductive objects. The unique and patented design helps prevent static caused fires and explosion when storing and transferring flammable materials. 

This bond rite remote with LED light display and 9 volt lithium manganese battery is wall or column mountable in a Nema 4X stainless steel enclosure. The LED lamp on the front of the cover flashes Green when the object is properly grounded.

The assembly comes complete with 16 foot Hytrel, Cen-stat™ coated spiral cable and REB-IP ground clamps with 2 stainless steel points, two quick disconnect ground connection cables and wall mounting bracket. The unit has a battery power supply and installation is quick and easy with no wiring necessary.

Bond-Rite Remote w/REB-IP
8 lbs.