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No Con with these Recon Drums

recon drums

What’s The Difference Between A Used Drum and a Reconditioned One?

You can buy used drums and other containers for peanuts at websites like Craigslist. It’s tempting. But you never really know what you’re buying. Many used drums have not been treated to the multi-step cleaning and reconditioning process necessary to safely re-use them. As a result, used drums can often contain residue of remaining traces of their previous contents like gasoline, oil, or solvents. Those “leftovers” could cause an explosion or fire if the used drum is improperly stored, handled, or utilized. Why take chances?

Reconditioned Steel Drums Are A Better Choice Than Used!

Our reconditioned containers are professionally and expertly cleaned, repaired, repainted, and inspected. Here’s how it works:

Reconditioned Steel DrumsReconditioned Steel Drums

Open head drums that previously contained thick or slow-moving materials such as paints, resins, tars, and adhesives undergo a thermal process. A drum furnace running at approximately 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit incinerates any residues. The exhaust from the burn process is drawn into an afterburner at approximately 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit to comply with environmental laws.

Still hot, the drums are pneumatically straightened to remove dents and chimed to restore their roundness and structural integrity, then blasted with steel shot to remove the ash residue and exterior paint. The drums are then leak-tested according to DOT and UN regulations. Fresh interior and exterior coatings are applied according to customer requirements. Lids and locking rings that have also been burned, blasted, inspected, and painted are then added to the drum.

Closed head drums that previously contained free-running liquids like oils, soaps, solvents, cleaners, and related materials are washed inside and out using a series of high pressure alkaline-based solutions and steam, then rinsed and dried thoroughly. Pneumatic straightening and chiming comes next, followed by leak-testing per DOT and UN regulations. The drums are then shot blasted with steel shot and repainted and relined according to customer specs.

It’s Your Product – Choose The Best!

Every one of our reconditioned containers comes from a member of the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association. RIPA members must follow a code of conduct regarding safe and effective reconditioning procedures and processes. In addition, our suppliers maintain have an environmental insurance policy and a Responsible Container Management policy.

Here’s something important: our reconditioned containers are meticulously cleaned, repaired, repainted, tested and inspected to be safe for transporting and storing industrial products, but they’re NOT FOOD SAFE. Food products and water storage require a brand-new container to avoid contamination.

BASCO’s Customer Service Representatives have all the knowledge and experience you need to help select the right container for your needs. Call us and see!