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If You Can't Stand the Heat...

If you can't stand the heat, this supplier of electric heaters for your buckets and 55 gallon drums can. Electric Drum Band Heater for 55 Gallon Steel Drums



"...a small, family owned manufacturer of heavy duty electric drum heaters for the industrial end users. Expo Engineered opened its doors in 2007 in Cicero, IL and has produced and managed to maintain top quality drum heaters.  Our signature customer service, Made in the USA pride, and having our 3 key department heads being in the industry for over 25 years has helped to maintain our status in the industry.  We use local suppliers such as sheet metal from Indiana. plastic knobs, resistance wire, spring and wire form, labels and Robert Shaw controllers to ensure we always have control over our quality with our local suppliers.

Benefits of using an Expo Drum Heater:

  1. Heater made in the USA using quality local suppliers
  2. One-year warranty parts and service
  3. The only heater in the industry with a standard three-heat switch enabling you to use either full power, half power or ¼ power in addition to a thermostat control. That allows you to control how hot (or not hot) your products get so that you won't run the risk of burning out your product and your pail or drum because allowing liquid in a container to fall below the level of the heater will render the heater ineffective and could irreparably damage the baked-on epoxy phenolic lining in lined steel drums.TRX Series Electric Pail and Drum Band Heaters

Expo Engineered is committed and always will be to making quality products."

And Kim Clark from Expo Engineered was just being modest. Here are even more pros with using a band heater:

  • Perform in different operating environments
  • Can be used in the form of many applications, but normally used for oils & lubricants

And here's some more info about band heaters:

They use electric heating elements like NiCr wire to indirectly and gradually heat-up the external surface of drums or pails for safety.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this heater that many of our BASCO customers love. Also, be sure to check out the heater's creator here.