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Meet Gemma: BASCO's New Sales Rep for Newly Expanded Shipping Supplies

Image of BASCO new sales rep for expanded shipping supplies

"Getting It Right" with the Right People: MEET GEMMA

She started off as one of our customer service experts just under two years ago and now she is headed over to our Sales team as our new Shipping Supplies Specialist. While it is a new uncharted territory for her in some respect, she is all but ready to trek it. We recently somehow managed to grab her out of her busy schedule long enough to speak a bit about this new opportunity.

First off, congrats on the new position! But rewind: Tell us what you were doing at BASCO before.

Thank you so much! I’m SUPER excited for what I can offer BASCO in my new position and vice versa. Rewind: Before this new role fell into my lap, I was in Customer Service. Sometimes random projects came across my desk, but that was all part of the role I played. Loved it! 

After having worked over in Customer Service for almost 2 years, what have you found makes for expert customer service and/or an expert Customer Service Representative?

I find that a couple of things are key:

a. Keep a smile in your voice. I learned this while working in the fast food business for 5+ years and it seemed to work!

b. Be resourceful. Know where you can go to get an answer: whether it be from your notes, a book, a website, or ESPECIALLY your knowledgeable coworkers. I cannot say how important your coworkers are!

c. Get back to your customer in a timely manner if possible. A customer’s time is just as valuable as yours.

How are you still implementing customer service into your new position?

I’ll keep my customer service mentality in all the aspects that I can! From answering their call with a smile in my voice, to finding their answers promptly, and all the way to finishing that sale.

Where can people find you if they have questions or need help with shipping supplies?

Well...Not exactly sure where they want to stick me just be determined!

No worries! We’ll get to back to you on that. Now, get back to your training!


Now that you’ve met the face of shipping supplies, meet the products. Here are some of our favorites that we think will be yours too:


  • Securely seals any size carton: Both overfilled and under filled packages
  • Tamper evident seals: Theft prevention of your products
  • Printable surface: A package is a company’s book cover. Make it a good one. Stand out amongst competition.
  • Faster than plastic tape, staples, or glue: Water activated tape seals 40% more cartons
  • Temperature resistant
  • Eco friendly and recyclable


  • Improve stacking strength when shipping
  • Corner protectors eliminate shifting loads

Stay tuned for more to be added.