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BASCO, Inc Ventures Further into Glassware through the Acquisition of Discount Vials
February 3, 2023
BASCO, Inc Ventures Further into Glassware through the Acquisition of Discount Vials

The best part about a family is that it’s always growing, and the BASCO family is no different.

We’re proud to welcome Madison-based Discount Vials underneath the BASCO umbrella! If you’re not familiar, Discount Vials is an e-commerce business that’s been successfully providing their global customer base with glassware for over 20 years. From dropper vials and perfume samplers, to test tubes and scientific bottles, they have managed to cover niches in the field of glassware that were previously blind spots for BASCO, and we’re beyond excited to be able to offer a whole new realm of products to help our customers and industry partners succeed in new ways.

We believe that this merger will present incredibly positive benefits to both BASCO and Discount Vials, bringing new opportunities to both businesses as they continue to grow together. BASCO saw a reflection of itself in Discount Vials, a company that has always strived to provide exemplary customer service on top of an exhaustive selection of products. As a unified company, we will be able to grow our presence in the industry to new heights, and combine our ideals to create an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

As BASCO continues to grow, we want to remain true to our roots, while still welcoming fresh ideas from our new acquisitions. What does this mean for the customer? BASCO will be welcoming in employees from Discount Vials, so the same great people will still be able to assist you, but now they’ll have additional resources for sourcing, servicing, and more. Discount Vials’ website will also remain operational, and there will be no need to update your bookmarks.


Stay tuned for more updates as the merger settles in, and please join us in welcoming Discount Vials to the BASCO family.