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  • BASCO's Did They Get It Right? Verdict Vol. I: DIY 5 Gallon Buckets

    With a new website comes other new changes because things are always more fun that way.

    How are we shaking things up? By showcasing each week a different person, groups of people, businesses, and so on who are shaking things up themselves in the world of industrial containers by using drums, buckets, IBC totes, and the like in all of the 'wrong' ways. They're using them in innovative ways beyond the typical packaging and filling standard, creating new contraptions, and getting it right while doing so. That's BASCO's verdict at least. 

    Without further ado, look at what we found that has inspired this all.

    5 Gallon Bucket DIY Project Book BASCO USA

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  • BASCO Makes a Friend with the Community

    With Thanksgiving in the eleventh month and Christmas in the twelfth, BASCO started celebrating the season of giving in early November by offering time to our own family inside.

    When one of our employees, Annie Wilson, reached out for helping hands for a robotics tournament that her husband, Mike Wilson, had planned for his school, we couldn’t say no.

    Robotics tournament

    BASCO jumped at the chance to be a sponsor at the VEX Robotics Competition and we were there in no time.

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  • BASCO’S Makeover: See What's New!

    BASCO Decided It Was Time for a New Look: New Year, New Us

    What was our New Year’s Resolution? A makeover.

    We’re excited to have finally unveiled our redesigned company website!

    New Website

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  • Meet Gemma: Introducing BASCO's New Sales Rep for our Newly Expanded Shipping Supplies

    "Getting It Right" with the Right People: MEET GEMMA

    Image of BASCO new sales rep for expanded shipping suppliesShe started off as one of our customer service experts just under two years ago and now she is headed over to our Sales team as our new Shipping Supplies Specialist. While it is a new uncharted territory for her in some respect, she is all but ready to trek it. We recently somehow managed to grab her out of her busy schedule long enough to speak a bit about this new opportunity.

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  • Get Ahold of Your Water!

    Did You Know?

    Approximately 70% of all storm drains reportedly lead directly to open waterways, not allowing for any proper and necessary treatment of the water?

    That is why choosing and stocking the right drain guards and dewatering bags is extremely important for proper stormwater management. If not, you’re subjecting yourself to many ecological and financial burdens. 

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  • BASCO Shows Love to the Community


    BASCO must be really excited for Thanksgiving last year apparently. The entire month of October was all about the community and giving back with two volunteer events.

    Ending Hunger

    The Feed My Starving Children volunteer event was held on Saturday, October 6th at Lincoln Way Central in Mokena. This program is a food packing event where kids and adults of all ages hand-pack nutritious MannaPack meals specifically designed to assist in reversing and preventing undernutrition. If you don’t know anything about FMSC (Prior to this, I know I didn’t!), take the time to check out their website and maybe even go to a packing event yourself. It was a loud, fast-paced three hours of packing, laughing, and feel good emotions. Nothing can prepare you for the event. I know I left feeling like I made a difference somewhere and will be looking to do the event again.

    BASCO USA Volunteers Street Clean Up

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  • Beekeeping is Buzzing in Utah

    Beekeeping is Buzzing in Utah

    According to the website Mental Floss and the Utah County Beekepers Association, honeybees are among the most fascinating creatures in the world. On a typical summer day, each will travel over three miles before returning home after depositing and collecting material from over 100 flowers. Their wings flap an amazing 11,400 times per minute. They are the only insect that makes food suitable for humans – the only food that includes everything needed to sustain life. They are responsible for pollinating $20 billion worth of food each year – up to 80 percent of the country’s crops.

    The honeycombs they build from their own secretions are engineering marvels – six-sided structures each at a precise 120-degree angle. The “glue” holding it together is used as a treatment for everything from canker sores to eczema. Honeybees’ venom can ease rheumatoid arthritis pain and is being studied as a possible HIV preventative, and their brains are being studied as a possible cure for dementia for their ability to actually stop and reverse the aging process.Holding Bees

    It takes 300 of them flying a combined 55,000 lifetime miles to make just one pound of honey, which when multiplied by 285 million equals the amount Americans consume every year.

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  • BASCO Big or Small We Contain It All

    Big or Small We Contain It All

    Mini Catalog

    View BASCO's latest catalog for free. To download simply click on the download button in the upper left corner of the viewer. 

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  • If You Can't Stand the Heat...

    If you can't stand the heat, this supplier of electric heaters for your buckets and 55 gallon drums can. Electric Drum Band Heater for 55 Gallon Steel Drums



    "...a small, family owned manufacturer of heavy duty electric drum heaters for the industrial end users. Expo Engineered opened its doors in 2007 in Cicero, IL and has produced and managed to maintain top quality drum heaters.  Our signature customer service, Made in the USA pride, and having our 3 key department heads being in the industry for over 25 years has helped to maintain our status in the industry.  We use local suppliers such as sheet metal from Indiana. plastic knobs, resistance wire, spring and wire form, labels and Robert Shaw controllers to ensure we always have control over our quality with our local suppliers.

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  • Reprocessed versus Rebottled IBCs. Which Way to Go?

    ReBottled IBC

    What’s The Difference Between A Reprocessed IBC and a Rebottled One?

    Intermediate Bulk Containers (also called “totes”) are fast becoming the “go-to” packaging for bulk liquids. Common sizes are 275 and 330 gallon. A “composite” IBC consists of a high-density polyethylene cube inner container (the “bottle”) inside a tubular steel “cage” that’s permanently attached to a steel pallet. The bottle typically has a 6” diameter filling port on the top and a valve at the bottom for delivering the product. Many IBCs are designed and built for hazardous material service. You can buy IBCs new

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