Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

$2,847.85 Each
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Simplify your drum filling task with this reliable, low cost drum siphon filler unit. This drum siphon filler unit automatically and uniformly fills containers of 1 pint to 1 gallon. The tank level is automatically maintained by a 316SS float valve and can be supplied by gravity or pump. The check valve prevents drips when container is removed. This drum siphon filler includes five saddle assemblies and heavy duty steel stand.

NOTE: Please specify spout diameter when ordering. Spouts are not included and must be purchased separately. 5 spouts with 3/4" O.D. are recommended for half gallon and gallon containers. The filler will accept up to eight spouts for smaller containers. Using eight spouts will require three more saddle assemblies. A complete spout is a gooseneck and a nozzle. If switching to different size containers after purchasing the complete spout, only a new nozzle assembly will be necessary since the gooseneck size is standard for all nozzles.

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Picture shown above is SF3849

Siphon Filler
Trough (1) Stand (1) Saddle Assembly (5)
155 lb