The BASCO Advisor Says...

Get Ready to Respond to a Hazardous Spill!

If your facility handles industrial liquids such as oils, lubricants, fuels, and chemicals, you need to be ready to handle spills. Accidents happen - if your forklift driver drops or punctures a drum, you have to respond quickly with the right materials. Know what liquids are in your facility, how they are stored, and whether they are hazardous.

Spills Happen Frequently

More than 30,000 spill incidents are reported each year. No one knows how many more go unreported.

Anywhere liquids are used or contained, there could be a spill. It could happen in your facility - plan ahead and be prepared.

Watch These Places Where Spills are Likely to Happen

Spills can happen nearly anywhere, but pay special attention to places where they are most likely: Leaks from trucks, storage tanks, drums and pails in storage and in use, as well as near machinery. Also, watch for leaks at docks, storage yards, and forklift battery stations.  Keep an eye on gutters and floor drains.

Even Small Spills Can be Dangerous

More than half the reported spill incidents involved less than 10 gallons of liquid. Even a small spill in an enclosed area can be hazardous to workers.  What's more, any spill that reaches your sewer system or groundwater can be very expensive to clean up.

By Law, You Must Have a Spill Response Plan

OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.120 as well as many local ordinances require you to have a Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Spill Response (SPCC). Plan In part, it states that "U.S. Department of Transportation salvage drums or containers and suitable quantities of proper absorbent shall be kept available and used in areas where spills, leaks, or ruptures might occur." See\emergencies\content\spec\index.htm.

Stock the Right Spill Kits

Plan ahead and be ready for all the types of spills which could occur in your facility.

What is Included in a First Response™ Spill Kit?

BASCO First Response Spill Kits come pre-packed with ready-to-use absorbents to give you more of everything you need to respond right away! Check the specifications for each item to see exactly what's included in each kit. Contents vary, but the following are options:

Pail; drum; absorbent socks, pads, and pillows; disposal bag with tie; warning label; hazmat Response guidebook and spill kit instructions; as well as nitrile chemical gloves and chemical goggles.

Choose from Three Types of BASCO Spill Kits

UniSorb™ Spill Kits work with acids, alkalis, solvents, oils and unknown liquids. 100% treated polypropylene sorbent soaks up 16 times its weight in liquid and incinerates completely. UniSorb
OilSorb™ Spill Kits work with oils, fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon fluids. 100% polypropylene sorbent soaks up to 16 times its weight and incinerates completely. OilSorb Spill Kit
CleanSorb™ Spill Kits are ideal for non-aggressive liquids like oils, coolants, solvents and water. 100% recycled cellulose sorbent soaks up to 23 times its weight in liquids and incinerates easily with low ash residue. CleanSorb Spill Kit




















Dispose of Used Response Materials Properly

Once the spill has been handled, you will need to dispose of the response materials. You might need UN/DOT packages to dispose of used sorbents. If you need to handle leaking drums, consider our Steel Salvage Drum or All-Plastic Salvage Drum, depending on the contents. 

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