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Ways You Can Save Money and Maximize Your Storage Space

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) save cost by reducing the number of containers needed and the amount of storage space required. You can cut container and freight costs when you store and/or ship in one larger container rather than 2, 3 or even 4 smaller ones. Also, a single, larger container can take up less floor space than several smaller containers. Over the life of these larger containers, you can get significant savings - learn more about IBC containers.

Knowing about materials and construction can help you choose the right one


Our standard IBC tank:

  1. Includes a high-density polyethylene bottle in a solid or tubular reinforced steel cage.

  2. Cage is attached to a pallet.

  3. Three different pallet types - wood, plastic and composite – are available.

  4. Custom tanks with special features are available – call 1.800.776.3786.

  5. Know what’s going to be in the container, and always evaluate chemical compatibility when buying and using containers.

See BASCO's IBC & Parts Diagram or IBC Valve & Accessories Diagram. Learn more about the extensive line of parts and accessories we carry.

Choose from our wide selection - we offer hundreds of high quality IBC containers, totes or tanks, and replacement parts. We've helped many companies in a range of industries find the IBC containers and IBC parts they were looking for.

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