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Why Buy Your Plastic Drums From BASCO?

BASCO Plastic Drums

Choosing the right plastic drum for your facility requires specification of the right type, capacity, fittings, size and color. If you are shipping hazardous materials, there are important 49 CFR regulations you must also adhere to. Our BASCO Customer Service Experts are highly trained and always ready to help you.

BASCO offers you a huge selection of plastic drums, all made with first-quality resin and high-quality fittings under conditions of strict quality control. Our drums are dependable and will safeguard your product in transport and storage.

Based on what the plastic drum will be used for, specify the following:

Plastic Drum Type

Available in closed-head or open-head style.

Drum Size

Available in capacities ranging from 8 to 55 gallons.

UN Rating

Drums used for storing or shipping hazardous materials must have the proper UN Rating. It is essential that you ship and store hazardous materials properly, in UN Rated containers, for reasons of safety. Moreover, the government imposes substantial fines and penalties for failure to comply with all the Department of Transportation regulations. For information on drums for storing or shipping hazardous materials see the BASCO Guide to Performance Packaging Codes on UN Ratings, BASCO’s Customer Service Experts are thoroughly trained and can assist you in making informed decisions.


Choose your color based on your requirements. Please Note: Black is not FDA compliant.


Getting the right fitting is essential. You need to know if you are looking for a buttress fitting or perhaps an NPT fitting. Contact our Customer Service Experts if you need help.

FDA Compliance

If your container is going to be used for materials overseen by the FDA, be sure your container is FDA compliant.


Plastic drums are available in a range of prices.

Need advice? Contact our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1.800.776.3786 or email us here.