The BASCO Advisor Says...

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Steel Drum

  • There is no single drum that’s right for every product solution.

    BASCO Open Head 30 Gallon Steel Drum
  • Start the selection process knowing what the drum will be holding, and how much capacity you need.

  • Not all steel drums are safe for hazardous materials. Only UN Rated drums are safe.

  • Since BASCO has the largest selection of steel and stainless steel drums available, contact our Customer Service Experts if you want assistance.

Steel Drums are available in a range of sizes, lined or unlined, with a choice of open-head or closed-head, as well as a choice of fittings. Some are UN Rated and can hold hazardous materials safely, but others are not intended for hazardous materials. Before you start the selection process, you need to know how the drum will be used, what it will hold, and how much capacity is required.

Steel Drum Material

BASCO steel drums are made with quality, rolled steel, well-crafted welds, sturdy fittings and quality finishes for drum durability and strength. They will dependably safeguard your product in transport and storage.

Steel Drum Type

Choose closed-head or open-head type.

Steel Drum Linings

Steel drums are available lined and unlined. You need to know whether you need a lining. Our lined drums feature a corrosion-resistant, epoxy-phenolic lining. Our unlined drums feature a rust inhibitor. If you have questions, contact our Customer Service Experts to help you decide whether you need a lined or unlined drum.

Steel Drum Sizes

Steel drums are available in sizes from 8 to 55 gallons.

UN Rated

Some steel drums are UN Rated, indicating they can safely hold certain hazardous materials, while others are not. If you are storing or shipping hazardous materials, be sure to check the UN Rating of each product you are considering. Contact our Customer Service Experts if you need assistance.


BASCO Tight-Head 30 Gallon Steel Drum

Steel drums are available in just the color shown with each product listing. Colors include: Black, Blue and Grey.

Technical Assistance at Your Service

We have decades of experience and highly trained Customer Service Experts ready to help you. We'll help you select the drum type, size, fittings, interior lining and exterior finish that are most appropriate for your needs.

If you're shipping hazardous materials (worded in UN regulations as, "Dangerous Goods"), you need to be aware that there are substantial fines and penalties for failure to comply with all the Department of Transportation regulations. 

Call our BASCO Customer Service Experts for assistance in understanding how the UN Specification packaging requirements apply to your products. They can help you get your product properly packaged, labeled, and shipped. For information on drums for storing or shipping hazardous materials see the BASCO Guide to Performance Packaging and UN Ratings.

Quality, Service, and Cost

Why should you buy from BASCO? Because your product and your company's reputation are on the line! The drum you choose can make all the difference in whether your product can be stored and shipped safely and maintained in good condition.

Lots of places sell drums. You can always find someone who will sell you a drum for a little less money, but it will be a drum that's designed and built with a little less care. If you care about total cost, consider this:  BASCO drums come with incomparable BASCO service.

You'll get the drum that's right for you - shipped on time, every time. That saves you time and money, too.

Not sure what's the best steel drum for you? Please call our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1.800.776.3786 or email us here.