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Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice in Pails and Buckets

  • What will be contained? You need to choose a compatible material - plastic or steel.
  • Need to ship, store, or dispense? Different closures are available, depending on use. If the product is being shipped, see shipping information and packaging below.
  • What capacity and shape are required?
  • BASCO has a huge range of pails and buckets in stock, ready to ship!
  • Need an FDA approved container?
  • Is the material to be contained hazardous? BASCO stocks UN-Rated containers. If you have questions, contact our Customer Service Experts.

Product Compatibilty

If the product is hazardous and you are unsure about the compatibility of the material to be contained, contact our Customer Service Experts toll-free at 1-800-776-3786 or start a chat below.

If the product to be contained in the pail or bucket is FDA regulated, you need to choose an FDA Compliant product. You can use the filters at the left side of the screen to help you see FDA Compliant products.

Closed-head vs. Open-head Pails

The lids for closed-head (tight-head) pails are not removable. Closed-head pails are generally used to hold liquids which will be poured or dispensed (e.g., with a pump).

The lids for open-head pails are removable. The cover is included on some items. They can accommodate a cover with no opening (e.g., Lug Cover  LC26RI-B) or with an opening  (e.g., for a Flexspout®).  Check the product specifications for each item being considered to see if it is closed-head or open-head and what is included or needs to be ordered separately.

Shipping 5 Gallon, Steel or Plastic Pails

If you will be shipping 5 gallon, steel or plastic pails, consider using our Ergo-Pak Shipping Boxes. You can avoid the “Additional Handling Charge” for unboxed pails from FedEX or UPS.

FDA Approved Containers

If the product you will be storing or shipping is regulated by the FDA, you must choose an FDA Compliant container. For help finding FDA Approved containers, use the product filters along the left side of your screen – simple click on the “FDA Compliant” product filter and the available products will be shown.

Tamper Evident Caps

Need to know if someone has opened a container? BASCO offers products to help you maintain your security measures. For example, the Flexspout®Closure for Plastic and Steel Pails (order #FSII) allows you to see if a pail has been opened. Contact our Customer Service Experts to help you with specific issues you might have regarding product control and security.

Accessories to Consider

Don’t forget the pump, cap wrench, absorbents or shipping carton.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1-800-776-3786, or email us here.