The BASCO Advisor Says...

Consider These Questions When Choosing a Metal Can or Tin

  • What will be stored or shipped in the container? (Will contents be hazardous?)
  • What size or shape do you need based on where and how it will be used?
  • Will lids or seals be required? Choose the right type based on your answers above.
  • Metal tins are available in round and oblong styles with a variety of tops and bases
  • Choose sizes ranging from 1/2 ounce to 30 gallons. Some tins are sold based on pound capacity (e.g., 3 lb -  Industrial Slip Cover Can)

Storing or Shipping Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are closely regulated. If you have questions about whether your materials are hazardous, contact our Customer Service Experts.


Often sold separately from the containers, one must choose the proper lid. Heavy pastes and semi-solid materials might be kept in a slip cover can for easy access while an F-style can containing a liquid would require a screw cap to help prevent spills. Specialty lids available include brush-top caps and child resistant caps. If you need assistance, contact our Customer Service Experts.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1-800-776-3786, or email us here.