The BASCO Advisor Says...

Selecting the Right Screw Cap Can be a Challenge – Our Experts Can Help!

  • The material in the container must be compatible with the cap
  • Screw caps are available with and without liners in a range of sizes (18mm to 120mm)
  • Materials include polypropylene, metal, black-ribbed phenolic, and plastic
  • Tamper-evident caps are available when safety measures are required

Material Compatibility

It is essential that the material stored in a container is compatible with the material which the container is made of and the material its cap and also its liner are made of. Failure to choose compatible products can result in deterioration or break down that could lead to spills or damage. Contact our highly trained Customer Service Experts for information about which products to choose.

Tamper-evident Caps

For situations requiring additional security measures, tamper evident plastic screw caps could be a solution. Contact our Customer Service Experts to find out if tamper-evident caps are available in the size and material you need.

Dispensing Caps

Dispensing caps (Yorker Spout Red Tops) are also available in this product category.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1-800-776-3786, or email us here.