The BASCO Advisor Says...

BASCO Drum & Bulk Containers

Make the Right Product Decision – BASCO’s Customer Service Experts Can Help You

  • Benefit from our expert advice - we will help you choose the proper containers based on your specific needs. Call us any time for help, before or after you buy.

  • BASCO maintains a huge inventory – we have more in stock, so we can work with you to expedite more timely delivery.

  • Special packing requirements - let us know if you need something packed to your specifications - partial assembly, certain numbers of items per case – just ask us.

  • Our experts can source special products for you. Need a Hazmat product? We’ll help you get what you need.

  • Order just what you need - no minimum order on in-stock items.

  • Our experts can help you understand regulations (such as 49 CFR) and also understand what you need to do to comply. 

Need assistance in choosing the right product?  Please call our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1.800.776.3786, or email us here.