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Tips for Choosing the Right Bottle-filling Solution

Do you have a small business that involves filling bottles?  The wide selection of bottle-filling machines on the market is generally targeted toward high-volume filling. However, BASCO offers a reasonably priced bottle filler that will accommodate 1 pint to 1 gallon bottles.

BASCO’s Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

There is no need to overspend by purchasing more equipment than you need. High volume bottle-filling machines can be very costly, and the base price tag goes up with each bit of custom work that is required. 

Consider this reasonably priced alternative:

BASCO’s Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

You can simplify important filling tasks with this reliable, low cost unit. Our drum siphon filler automatically and uniformly fills containers of 1 pint to 1 gallon. Tank level is automatically maintained by a 316SS float valve and can be supplied by gravity or pump. Check valve prevents drips when container is removed. Filler unit includes five saddle assemblies and heavy-duty steel stand. Simply purchase the appropriate spout(s) to match the bottle size(s) you fill.

For specific information on this unit and the range of spouts available, see the individual description of each product.

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