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How to Choose the Right Drum Scale

There are different drum scales for different applications. No single scale is right for every application. Depending on your facility and factors including cost, accuracy required, and the frequency with which your drums are weighed, you can choose a platform-style, explosion-proof scale or a crane-style scale, which is used by attaching a drum sling.

BASCO Explosion Proof Drum Scale

Platform-style, Explosion-proof Scales

These scales have a 2" low-profile platform for easy loading. Large, display dials with graduations are easy to read.  Platforms are available in a range of materials including stainless steel. Additional features include:

  • Hydraulic load cell provides 1/2 of 1% accuracy

  • 27 1/2" x 27 1/2" platform handles 18"– 24" diameter containers

  • 800 pound capacity

  • No external power, no explosion hazard

  • Ideal for batching, process control

Crane-style Scale

This versatile, high capacity scale is ideal for lifting, force measurement, and weighing applications. An integral stainless steel load sensor is encased within high impact/high visibility solid red polyurethane and aircraft grade aluminum housing.

  • A full feature digital indicator includes large 1" high graphics for easy viewing.

  • Drum is weighed by using the scale while drum is suspended using drum sling.

  • If you don't have a hoist, you can convert your lift truck with one of BASCO’s swivel hook fork attachments.

  • Crane scales are available up to 10,000 lb capacity.

See our drum lifting section for other drum slings and fork attachments.

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