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Drum Cover Buyer's Guide

Before choosing a cover, know where your drums are to be stored, outside or inside. Storing drums outside the plant saves valuable space, but they need protection from the elements, especially from water and sunlight. Consider plastic covers for them. If you are storing drums inside, you need to know what’s inside them and whether the drums will be stacked. 

Drums Stored Outside

  • BASCO Drum Saver Dust Cap

    The main issues for drums stored outside are water and sunlight. Rain and snow can collect on uncovered drums, damaging them. When the drum is opened, the water and corrosion can get in, ruining the product inside.

  • The freeze-thaw cycle can pull collected water right past a not-quite-tight drum plug.

  • Sunlight bleaches the labels on the drum top and makes them hard to read.

  • Solution: Use plastic drum covers to help keep water and sunlight off the drum.

  • Select one of our flexible plastic drum covers, well suited to most drums stored outside.

  • Covers are available in clear, so you can read the label on the drum top beneath the cover.

  • Covers also come in solid grey or black. All can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures.

  • Some covers offer UV protection and are also capable of withstanding moderate stacking.

Drums or Pails Stored Inside BASCO 55 Gallon Drum Lid

  • We have covers that resemble plastic shower caps to protect your drums from dust and grime.

  • Another option is heavy, food-grade plastic for covering drums with the lids removed.

  • Metal covers are a choice to be considered if multi-layer stacking is necessary.

  • Plastic covers come in a variety of colors so you can color-code your containers.

  • Snap on plastic pail covers and screw-top gasketed covers with an adapter ring create an air- tight, easy-access lid for plastic pails.

Using empty drums as trash containers? We offer a selection of recycling lids, hazardous waste lids with vapor control, covers with handles and dome top heavy metal covers with push doors to turn your drum into a trash container.

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