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Tips for Choosing the Right Drum Mixer

When drums contain products with elements which can settle to the bottom (such as adhesives or paint), the contents needs to be mixed before it’s poured. BASCO offers over 200 different models of mixers, but you need to know exactly what’s in the drum and more before you can choose the right mixer.

BASCO High Power Portable 1/2 HP TEFC Open-Head Drum Mixer

There are four main types of mixers: 

1.  Propeller Mixers use one or more propellers to create a swirling or folding action, depending on the speed and propeller size. Thinner liquids can be mixed at higher speeds. Thicker materials need big propellers and higher horsepower which are geared to achieve a slow, folding action - thoroughly mixing without foaming. The larger the propellers are, the slower the speed will be. 

At BASCO, you'll find:

  • Propeller mixers with folding propellers that fit through 2” plug (bung) openings

  • Mixers with fixed propellers that clamp onto the side of the drum

  • Agitator blade that fits into agitator drums which are powered by an agitator motor that mounts into the 1-1/2” center agitator drum plug (bung) opening.

When only an occasional mix is required, or for the user who simply wants to purchase a mixing blade to attach to a hand-held drill or agitator they already have, we offer swing blades that fit though the 2” plug (bung) opening and also fixed blades for drums and pails with their lids removed. BASCO also offers an all-in-one propeller mixer that threads into a 2” bung opening and features a built-in ball valve for dispensing the mixed liquid. 

2.  Rotator, Tumbler, and Shaker Mixers move the entire closed container along with its contents. An important advantage of this type of mixer is that there is no danger of splashing or operator exposure to the product.

  • BASCO Drum Rotator Mixer

    Thicker products in closed-head drums can be mixed very well with a Rotator Mixer which rolls the horizontally-placed drum onto the mixer’s rollers.

  • An alternative is a Tumbler Style Mixer which mixes the contents by turning the drum end-over-end and also changing the angle in the process for a thorough mix.

  • Shaker Type Mixer shake a can or pail with rapid vibrations. Shakers are generally associated with mixing paint in one-gallon cans but we have models for shaking 1-pint to 5-gallon pails.

3.  Turbo Mixers access a drum’s contents through the plug (bung) opening, pulling liquid in at the top of the drum and blasting it down to force the settled materials at the bottom into the mixture. A powerful vortex is created to produce a very thorough mix.

4.  Manual Mixers are paddles and stirrers. They are very economical and best suited for occasional mixing jobs in smaller containers with thinner products.

For very high viscosity, non-flammable liquids, applying heat to the product will reduce its viscosity and require less energy to mix. Review our Heater products for more information about the different types of heaters and how they work.

BASCO has the best trained and most knowledgeable Customer Service Experts in the industry. What’s more, BASCO has more than 67 years of experience in the drum business, so we can answer your questions and help you choose the equipment you need to get your job done right.

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