The BASCO Advisor Says...

Pointers to Help You Choose the Right Drum Faucet

Choosing a Drum Faucet might seem simple at first, but many factors are involved in choosing the right one:

BASCO - Flo-King™ Polyethylene Drum Faucet

What’s The Product? When considering any device which contacts the product, the two most important factors are physical properties and chemical properties. When you are working with thin, free-running liquids you should choose a 3/4” faucet. They won’t drip, and you can control the flow easily in most cases. For heavier liquids like syrups or oils, use a 2” faucet or gate valve.

Chemicals like acids or alkalis call for a corrosion-resistant Plastic Faucet, for example, our Model 401C or the self-venting Model 435.  Benefits include: low cost and installation without any tools. However, they’re not as durable as metal faucets, and one must be attentive to the cross-threading.  Polyethylene faucets should not be used with petroleum products or chlorinated solvents (use metal or nylon instead). Our Model 700P 2” Polyethylene Faucet works very well with honey or with thicker, non-flammable paints or inks.

Metal faucets are available in iron, brass, aluminum, or diecast zinc.

BASCO - JustRite Stainless Steel Adjustable Faucet

  • Iron is extremely durable.

  • Brass and aluminum are non-sparking.

  • Zinc is the most economical. Our Model 500 is ideal for light oils, cleaners, and non-flammable solvents and paints.

  • Most metallic faucets are self-closing and lockable. Just slip a padlock onto the faucet for protection against tampering or theft.

  • With heavier oils and lubricants, use an oil gate, like our Model 700E20 - you can get a lot of flow through its 2” opening.

"Flammables" Require Special Handling -  make sure you use an approved safety faucet, like our Model 502 or Model 752. They are Factory Mutual (FM)-Approved, with self-closing handle and built-in flash arrestor to prevent backflash into the drum. What’s more, they work perfectly with our FM-Approved vent plugs, safety cans, and grounding/bonding wires. It is extremely important to note that OSHA and your local Fire Codes require all these.

Choose a Faucet with Functionality and Convenience - we understand how irritating it is for you when you screw the faucet into the drum, and, when it’s tight the spout isn’t pointing straight down. What’s more, when you back the faucet off a quarter turn to get the spout straight, then you have a leak. Solve this problem by choosing our Model 516 . It features an adjustable shank that allows you to tighten the thread as much as you need to, so you can rotate the spout to any angle you want.

How to Deal with Drips - even the best faucets can be a little “drippy.” Protect your floor and prevent accidents by using a drip pan like our Model 12646US.

Questions? No matter what kind of draining you need to do, make sure that you get expert advice. BASCO has the best trained and most knowledgeable Customer Service Experts, and with over 67 years of experience in the drum business, we’ll help you get the drum faucets (and everything else) you need to get your job done right.Contact them at 1.800.776.3786, or email us here.