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8 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Drum Heater

Trying to get a thick, viscous material out of a drum can be very frustrating - it just won’t flow. But it will if you warm it up first.  When selecting a drum or pail or IBC heater, there are 8 points to consider: BASCO Expo Electric Metal Band Heater

1.  What type of drum is your product contained in?  Steel drums can tolerate higher temperatures than plastic drums.

2.  What temperatures can your product tolerate without being damaged?  Motor oil can tolerate higher temperatures than honey.

3.   Is your product flammable? BASCO offers heaters specifically designed for heating flammable liquids.

4.  Are you heating product in an explosive or combustible environment? BASCO can supply you with heaters for hazardous areas.

5.  How quickly to you want your product to be heated? In general, all drum, pail, and IBC heaters will heat the product slowly. A full coverage heater will heat faster than a single band heater, but heating any product is generally thought of as a process taking hours rather than minutes.
BASCO - Bung Entering Heater

6.  What is the ambient temperature of the area in which you intend to use the heater? Maybe you simply need to protect your product from freezing – BASCO has heaters for that purpose. If your goal is to heat your product to a certain temperature, the ambient temperature of the area in which the heater is placed will increase or decrease the time it takes to reach the desired product temperature. 

7.  Do you have a thermometer for measuring the true temperature of your product? Most heaters with thermostats have numbers on the dial and some have temperatures marked on the dial but those markings are only guidelines. A thermometer inserted into the contained liquid is the only true way to measure the actual temperature.

8.  Need help choosing the right heater?Our Customer Service Experts can help you make sure that you get the right heater for your application.

BASCO offers a range of options including band heaters, immersion heaters, heat blankets, and even heating cabinets. You need to be aware that heating a product in drums must be a carefully regulated process using the right equipment.

Here are some examples of the BASCO heating products available:

Metal and Silicone Rubber Bandheaters have electrical heating elements inside a metal or rubber sheath. The heat is conducted from the elements through the inner wall of the sheath, through the side of the drum, and into the product. Models are available for products that tolerate heat well and also for products that cannot tolerate heat as well. There are also models designed for heating product in plastic drums and pails.

Immersion Heaters have a heating element at their base, enabling them to be in direct contact with the contained liquid, making them a great choice for faster heating and higher efficiency. Equipped with a thermostat, immersion heaters work best with non-heat sensitive products. Models are available to fit through the plug (bung) opening in a closed-head drum. Other models are made to fit an open-head drum. Some models are made from stainless steel so they can be used with a wide range of products.

Heating Jackets and Heating Blankets feature flexible heating elements which are woven into the insulating material. They completely surround the sides and top of the container and help reduce heat loss, so they’re more efficient than band heaters.

BASCO PowerBlanket HeaterHeating Cabinets, powered by electric or steam, heat a container or containers (depending on the size of the cabinet) and hold it at a pre-set temperature. They are very efficient and convenient if heating drums, pails or even IBCs is an everyday part of your operation. Built to order, heating cabinets can be made to accommodate one drum to a multitude of containers.

Insulating Blankets/Quilts are not heaters but they do a very good job at holding the current temperature of your container. They surround the sides and top of your container and insulate it, preventing your product from getting too hot or too cold while in transit or in storage. 

BASCO Specialty Drum Heaters/Coolers 

Need your product cooled?Drum Heater Cooler Combos can cool product as well as heat it. Specialty Platecoil Drum Heater /Cooler Combos make indirect contact with the contained liquid, making them a great choice for steady heating or cooling.

No matter what kind of container heating or cooling you need to do, make sure that you get expert advice. BASCO has the best trained and most knowledgeable Customer Service Experts in the industry. With more than 67 years of experience in the drum business, we’ll help you get the heater you need to get your job done right.

Questions? We have a highly trained and courteous team of Customer Service Experts ready to help answer all your questions. Contact them at 1.800.776.3786, or email us here.