The BASCO Advisor Says...

5 Questions to Guide You in Lifting Drums Safely

  1. Is the drum to be lifted horizontally or vertically? BASCO - MORSE® Verti-Karrier Drum Lifter

  2. What type of drum is it and what size?

  3. What are you using to lift your drum with: an overhead crane, a hoist, or are you using a forklift?

  4. Is the drum to be picked off a pallet?

  5. Is it a damaged or leaky drum? Salvage drums require special attention because the contents can be hazardous.

Vertical or Horizontal Lift? Simple hooks or slings are all that’s needed to lift a drum horizontally, to place it on a cradle, for example. If your drums are standing vertically, a vertical lifter is needed to move the drum. Both have versions for open or closed head drums.

Drum Type and Size? Most lifters will work only on 30 and 55 gallon steel or plastic drums. And hook-type lifters will only work with drums that have a chime or rim at both the top and bottom. If your drums are more than a little out of round, it’s best to use a lifter that uses a locking band that encircles the drum. Or, use our Model 86 vertical lifter; it has a bottom support and a chain-cinch saddle, so it will handle even misshaped drums from 22 inches to 38 inches high, with or without rims.

BASCO - Automatic Drum Lifter - 4 Drums

Picking Off a Pallet? Most vertical lifters require access on at least two sides of the drum. But our Model DL1 works with either a hoist or a forklift. It snags any rimmed steel drum (even open-head drums) at one point on the rim, and lifts without tilting the drum.

Salvage Drum Loading? Loading a damaged or leaking drum into a salvage overpack drum is a very common task, and it can be tricky. Our Model 90S-A makes this potentially back-breaking and dangerous job faster and easier because we designed it specially to work in the tight clearance between drums. It features all welded steel and only has one moving part - it’s really built to last!. And, it will even lift a filled 85 salvage drum!

Dont Have an Overhead Hoist or Crane? No problem! Our Model STH-456 forklift adapter turns your forklift into a mobile crane. It just slips onto the forks and accepts any under-hook device. 

BASCO delivers the Right solution for you. No matter what type of drum lifting you need to do, our Customer Service Experts can provide theadviceyou’re looking for.

If you have questions or need assistance,we have a highly trained and courteous team of Customer Service Experts ready to help answer all your questions. Contact them at 1.800.776.3786, or email us here.