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Move drums from vertical to horizontal and more…

Drum cradles enable you to reposition a drum from a vertical to a horizontal position so you can drain the contents. To choose the right drum cradle, you first need to know: BASCO - Meco Drum Cradle

  1. Are your drums steel, plastic or fiber?

  2. What is the size and shape and how much do they weigh?

  3. What’s inside the drum? Is it viscous or free flowing? Is it flammable or hazardous?

  4. What is the floor surface? Is it smooth concrete or an uneven gravel yard? The type of wheels you choose will depend on the floor surface.

  5. Know what accessories you need - faucet, static grounding wires and more.

The style you choose depends on how you will use and store the cradle. If you don’t plan to move the drum around much, a low cost cradle without wheels will probably be sufficient.  It also pays to get one with handles or a built-in tipping lever because tipping the drum is much easier and safer. For example, Model DSPU-H has big polyolefin wheels and casters, so you can easily “jockey” the drum into just the right spot.

The majority of the drum cradle models will handle 30 and 55 gallon steel drums, and a few will handle both steel and plastic. The product descriptions for each product include details about this, as well as the various features available. For example, Model W12P features long,retractable wood handles and a chime hook to give you extra leverage and lets you move the drum around like a drum truck. There are also built-in rollers on the frame so you can rotate the drum to the proper position for draining.

Wheels are the next important factor in your selection. Steel wheels are ideal for heavy duty applications and when floor protection is not necessarily important. Molded rubber wheels are great at absorbing shock so uneven floors are not a problem. Polyolefin wheels are non-marking and chemical resistant, and in general are the best overall choice.

Drain Height is another important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the right drum cradle. You need to know the distance from the floor to the rim of the horizontal drum. Match the drain height of the cradle to the height of the container you’re draining into.  Be sure you have a faucet ready so the contents do not spill all over the floor.

This brings up Secondary Containment as an important feature of the newest cradles, especially if the product is hazardous or difficult to clean up. The all-polyethylene Model PD5300 meets EPA, SPCC and NPDES regulations. It holds any size or shape, 30 to 55 gallon drum with its nylon belt. It has a retention capacity of 70 gallons, so even in the event of a massive leak, you’re covered. At the least, consider a cradle with a built-in drip pan to catch the usual drips and spills that happen during draining. Your maintenance crew will appreciate it!

Draining drums can be difficult, messy and dangerous. BASCO can help you make it easier, cleaner, and safer - we have expertly trained customer service people and abroad selection of products. Our experts can help you select the right cradle along with the right faucet, static grounding wires, and other accessories you will need to get the job done right.

If you have questions or need assistance,we have a highly trained and courteous team of Customer Service Experts ready to help answer all your questions. Contact them at 1.800.776.3786, or email us here.