The BASCO Advisor Says...

It is important to protect yourself and workers from serious hazards within the workplace. Using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can be the proper solution to minimize those hazards and other illnesses.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself are:

When is it necessary?

What kind of protection is necessary?

How do you properly put it on, adjust wear and take it off?

What are the limitations of the equipment?

What is the proper care, maintenance and disposal of the equipment?


Eye and Mouth Protection

Always be prepared to have goggles, respiratory masks and eye wash station products on hand. Individuals want to have protection from flying objects such as large chips, fragments, particles, harmful dust, chemicals and much more. Your eyes are important so you better protect them with the Right personal protection equipment (PPE). It is important to read the labels for proper wear and use.

Hearing Protection & Gloves

If you or anyone working in your facility is exposed to high noise levels ear plugs or ear muffs are the solution to protect your hearing. Ear plugs are perfect for manufacturing industries due to comfortability in hot, humid working conditions. They are also a vital protection against dangerous levels of noise which is any level of noise where normal speech cannot be understood, which is usually over 85 decibels.

Protective Clothing

Coveralls provide a lightweight, chemical resistance and high resistance to punctures that prevent tears which is great for any environment. We all know that emergencies happen from time to time so why not be prepared at any moment.

Making sure you have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) is vital in any workplace. Our Customer Service Experts are ready to help get you the Right equipment. Contact us at 1.800.776.3786 or email us