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The Right Products for Your OSHA & Fire Code Compliance

Grounding Wires

Always be ready to handle situations requiring protection and safety measures - keep a selection of products in stock at all times. Regulations for safely handling flammable products are provided by OSHA and your local fire codes. BASCO will provide you the right products - contact us if you have questions.

Check out Justrite®'s handy Codes and Regulations Guide for more information

You never know when an emergency might happen, so you should always be prepared.

BASCO has a huge selection of safety storage cabinets, safety cans, grounding and bonding wires, safety tools and personal protection equipment. At BASCO, you'll find everything for storing, handling and transferring flammable liquids:

Important facts you need to know before choosing your tools

A normal tool when used with a flammable product or in a hazardous area could cause a fire or even worse, an explosion. Keep your employees and your plant safe by using the right tools and parts.

Explosive, flammable or combustible contents in a container or in the environment in which you will be working, call for special precautions. If your drums are filled with hazardous products or, if you are going to be working in a hazardous area, then you will need spark-resistant tools or non-sparking tools.Justrite Safety Cabinet

Stock protective gear - be ready with the right protection

Since emergencies can happen at any time, you need to have all the right protective gear in stock, ready to be distributed to all those who need it. Choose eye protection hearing protection, gloves and coveralls which are well suited to your workplace.

Store and handle flammables properly to help protect your workplace

Safety Cabinets protect your plant, your employees…your business. You know that safety when handling flammable liquids is a top priority in the workplace. If you have flammable liquids outside of a storage room or fire protection area, they must be stored in an approved safety cabinet. What's more, incompatible chemicals need to be segregated.

Nitrile Gloves

Guard against a “preventable disaster”

Choose proper protection for your flammable liquids - get the right safety cans based on the tasks to be done, the amount to be transferred or contained, and which hazardous or flammable liquids you have in your workplace. Determine whether coated steel cans or plastic cans are right for you.

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