The BASCO Advisor Says...

What you Need to Mix, Heat, Pump, Measure and Protect

BASCO Manual Cast Iron Pump

Your drums and pails are used for a wide range of tasks, each of which is easier and more efficiently completed when you have the right accessories. Whether you are transferring a liquid from a drum to a smaller container, deciding which mixer or heater will be best, protection the contents from tampering, we offer the right accessories!

Drum Pumps – the pump that’s right for you should be chosen on the basis of: 

  • The product to be pumped

  • How much and how often it needs to be pumped

  • The type and size of container the product is stored in

  • What the product is going to be pumped into

A range of models in Manual, Safety, and Power Pumps is available. Contact our Customer Service Experts for assistance.

Faucets – the two most important factors in choosing the right faucet are physical properties and chemical properties. It is especially important to know if a material being dispensed is flammable.  BASCO offers a wide variety of faucets including metal, plastic, safety faucets and vents.

Gauges and Samplers – gauge the amount you have in a drum by choosing from our broad selection which includes Sight Gauges, Gauge Sticks and Poles, Pop-Up Gauges, Fill Gauges, Ultrasonic Gauges. Each of these has a specific function. If you have questions, contact our Customer Service Experts. BASCO Zinc Coated Faucet

Heaters and Coolers – need to get a thick viscous material out of a drum, but it just won’t flow?  You might just need to warm it up first.  BASCO has band heaters, immersion heaters, heat blankets, and heating cabinets. Our Customer Service Experts can help you determine which is right for you.

Mixers – BASCO offers over 200 models of mixers including Propeller, Turbo, Rotator, Tumbler, Shaker, and Manual. The type of mixer you choose depends on what is to be mixed, so feel free to ask our Customer Service Experts for help. 

Seals and Locks – contamination and tampering are serious concerns both in storage areas and during transportation. Options for security seals include capseals, wire-type seals, padlock seals and drum locks.

BASCO’s Customer Service Experts can help you evaluate the situation and decide which accessories are right for you. Gather the facts so the issues can be clearly understood and discussed. Our knowledgeable, in-house experts will help you get it right the first time!

Questions? Call us toll-free at 1.800.776.3786, or email us here.