The BASCO Advisor Says...

Questions to Guide You in Making the Right Decisions

  1. What is going to be stored inside the pail, can or jar?  (Liquid? Hazardous? )
  2. What size does the container need to be? (Need to be carried, poured, or?)
  3. Does it require a cap or lid? (Help prevents spills, keep contents away from air)
  4. Shipping or storing? Special packaging might be needed to ship the container.

What will be stored or shipped in the container?

Will the product be liquid, powder, paste, or perhaps frozen (ice cream, for instance)?

This category includes:

  • Jars with wide mouths for easy access
  • Bottles with smaller openings to facilitate pouring
  • Dispensing Bottles for product which needs to be sprayed or portioned
  • Food Storage containers (some with tamper evident closures)
  • Pails, Buckets, and Lids (Options in plastic and steel and in a range of sizes, some with covers)
  • Paint Cans (also used for ink and other chemicals, in a range of sizes)
  • Screw Tops (must be compatible with the product contained)

What container capacity is needed?

What size does the container need to be? Container sizes range from jars holding just a few ounces to pails holding more than 10 gallons.

Do the contents need to be covered?

Does the container need a lid, cap or other closure? Spill control is an important factor in most facilities. Know how the product will be moved and dispensed so an appropriate lid can be chosen.

Is the substance to be stored or shipped hazardous?

UN-Rated containers are required for hazardous materials, but your container must have the proper UN Rating for the substance inside. Contact our Customer Service Experts for information about which containers can be used for all types of hazardous substances.

FDA Compliance

If you are storing or shipping products overseen by the FDA, such as food, your containers must be FDA compliant. Contact our Customer Service Experts for information about which containers are appropriate for your products.

Shipping or Storing?

Knowing whether the product is to be stored or shipped will help you decide on the size and type of container to chose. For instance, covered pails shipped without a carton are subject to additional shipping charges.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Experts toll free at 1-800-776-3786, or email us here.