The BASCO Advisor Says...

Four Reasons to use BASCO Stainless Steel Drums

BASCO Stainless Steel Drums are often chosen for food, drugs or fragrances:

  • FDA Compliant

  • All are UN Rated

  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, and reusable

  • In compliance with domestic and international regulations

Stainless Steel Drum Material

Drums are made of 304 Stainless Steel for outstanding durability, corrosion-resistance and re-usability. Drums have welded and reinforced chime and 2B finish.

When purity is critical, especially in the storage and shipment of food, drugs, or fragrances, stainless steel drums are most frequently chosen. Contact our Customer Service Experts if you have questions regarding the recommended use of stainless steel drums for your products.

BASCO Stainless Steel Drum

Drum Type

Choose open-head or closed-head drums.

Drum Fittings

Closed-head (tight-head) drums have 2” inch and ¾” inch NPS stainless steel fittings. Open-head drums have 12 gauge carbon steel bolt-type ring, bolt and nut fittings. See individual product descriptions for details.

Drum Size

Capacities range from 4 to 55 gallons.

FDA Compliant

All our stainless steel drums are FDA compliant.

UN Rated

Drums used for storing or shipping hazardous materials must have the proper UN Rating. It is essential that you ship and store hazardous materials properly, in UN Rated containers, for reasons of safety. Moreover, the government imposes substantial fines and penalties for failure to comply with all the Department of Transportation regulations. For information on drums for storing or shipping hazardous materials see the BASCO Guide to Performance Packaging Codes on UN Ratings,

UN Rated drums are designed, manufactured and certified to meet UN requirements for shipping hazardous materials under DOT 49 CFR.

  • X — for packing groups I, II and III
  • Y — for packing groups II and III
  • Z — for packing group III

All of our stainless steel drums are UN Rated. Ratings vary, see individual product information.

If you need assistance in understanding or specifying UN Rating, contact our Customer Service Experts who are thoroughly trained and can assist you in making informed decisions.