55 Gallon UN Rated Closed Head Steel Drum with Rust Inhibitor and Fittings - Blue

Blue 55 Gallon UN Rated Steel Drum with Rust Inhibitor Interior

55 Gallon UN Rated Closed Head Steel Drum with Rust Inhibitor and Fittings - Blue

$92.70 Each
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Durable and dependable for your solids and liquids.

No matter how many different types of drums there are for 55 gallon drums (because there are, we checked), this closed head UN Rated 55 gallon steel drum will best store and transport all of your products, including extremely hazardous substances.

  • Constructed of first quality cold rolled steel and rust inhibitor interior*
  • Supplied with 2 inch and 3/4 inch NPS fittings
  • Quality environmental containers: Can be recycled, reconditioned, or re-purposed

This blue 55 gallon drum is designed, manufactured, and certified to meet UN requirements for hazardous materials under DOT 49 CFR with a UN rating of 1A1/X1.8/300.  

Since by law you must comply with the specific closing requirement of your UN Rated container, choosing the right torque wrench for the job is essential. The adjustable dial and lock torque wrench has a 3/8 inch drive (SKU TR545) as shown below, or see our full line of torque wrenches and adapters in the drum and pail tools category.

If you are not using the steel drum for UN Rated use, see the DrumRight™ Plug Wrench which fits all kinds of plugs, (SKU 950ZU) . Or view our full line of Drum Plug Wrenches in the drum and pail tools category.

When detection of tamper evidence is important or for drum plugs that need protection from dust, dirt and grime, use our 2 inch plastic capseal (SKU DRP20W), or 3/4 inch plastic capseal (SKU DRP34W). We also offer the creation of custom designs utilizing our new laser printing system for high quality on our capseals.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Rust inhibitor applied to the interior of unlined steel containers is an antioxidant that helps inhibit the formation of rust during transit and storage - it does not prevent rusting. Under ideal (clean, low humidity) conditions, drums with rust inhibitor can be stored for up to 30 days without rusting. If empty drums will be stored for longer periods or in higher humidity conditions, consider a phenolic or epoxy lining.

55 Gallon
Available Color(s):
Gauge Top/Body/Bottom:
Unlined with Rust Inhibitor
Closed Head
UN Rating:
23" (outer)
Height :
34 7/8" (outer)