5 Gallon Uni Sorb Spill Response Kit

5 Gallon Uni Sorb Spill Response Kit

5 Gallon Uni Sorb Spill Response Kit

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This spill response kit is ready to use. Complete with Uni Sorb™ absorbents and UN rated 5 gallon plastic pail with cover. Uni Sorb absorbents have a poly blend filler that quickly absorbs hazardous liquid spills. These poly blend socks contain and soak up acids, bases and unknown fluids, including solvents and chemicals. Spill response kits contain spills to keep fluids from spreading into larger areas and becoming hazards.

Contents: One 5 gallon pail with cover UN rated (1H2/Y27/S), 4 socks (3 inch x 48 inch), 6 pads (15 inch x 19 inch), 1 disposal bag and wire tie, 1 warning label, 1 Hazmat Response guidebook and spill kit instructions.

Economical refill kit (SKU RK5US) lets you buy just what you need.

Note: Not compatible with sulfuric acid.

UniSorb spill kit
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