30 ft Coiled Cable With Dual Plier Clamp

30 ft Coiled Cable With Dual Plier Clamp

30 ft Coiled Cable With Dual Plier Clamp

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This grounding and bonding wire assembly consists of 30 feet of coiled cable, and a plier clamp on each end. These quick acting, heavy duty, aluminum plier clamps have stainless steel points that bite through paint, dirt, and corrosion, ensuring positive metal to metal contact. The Retractable cable is coated with orange PVC to prevent cable corrosion, and provides a bright visual to alert the operator. The PVC coating provides abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and wear resistance.

The coiled cable automatically retracts to it's original shape once tension is released. The coiled cable eliminates kinks and knots, and by extending to just the right length it keeps the cable away from general traffic to prevent tripping hazards. Easy handling and compact storage, the retracting coil alerts workers in the event of a clamp accidentally disconnecting from its contact point.

  • 30 foot coiled, vinyl coated 1/8 inch O.D
  • Dual Aluminum Plier Clamps
  • Helps comply with 29 CFR 1910.106(e)(6)(ii
End Connectors:
Dual Plier Clamps
2 lbs.