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Barrier Plastics 20 Liter Plastic Closed Head Pail - White

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  • Capacity: 20 Liter
  • Type: Closed Head
  • Color: White

This item ships out of our Indiana location

Baritainers: Plastic Closed Head Pails for Hazardous Liquids

Baritainer closed head pails are built of a newly developed plastic material, made to replace tin containers, fluorinated plastic containers, or even steel pails. Ideal for shipping and storing volatile organic compounds, solvents, automotive fluids, or even industrial and household chemicals. These plastic jugs are made to be durable and strong, and they’re even recyclable.

  • Perfect, cost effective alternative to fluorinated tight head pails
  • Capable of shipping and storing hazardous liquid chemicals
  • Plastic is impact resistant and strong
More Information
Location Indianapolis, IN
Capacity 20 Liter
Color White
Material Plastic
Liquid UN Rating 1A1/Y1.8/300
Type Closed Head
Weight 2.8 lbs
Length 11 25/32”
Width 9 3/4”
Height 15 11/16”
Thickness .037-.038 inches
Standards UN Rated