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BASCO is the leading distributor of industrial packaging and container-related products.


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If you've been following along with us, you know that at BASCO, the service you get both before and after the sale is just as important as the container itself. Sure, we have the "staple" items that most companies use, at surprisingly low prices that improve you bottom line. But (here's the punch line) we've also got the desire and the ability to do much more.

Not sure what container you need for your product? Got a haz-mat product to package? We'll help you figure it out.

Need a container that's a little special? If it's out there, we'll find it for you.

Want your pails packed upside down and 13 in a box, or bottles with pre-assembled caps? Maybe pre-erected cartons? We can do it.

How about just-in time deliveries, or even managed inventory? We can handle it.

Only need one or two of an item? No problem. There's no minimum order on in-stock items.

Truth is, BASCO is filled with knowledgeable, thoughful people who really care about your busines.
So we"ll do what it takes to make your work easy.

We Know everyone promises that. But we Deliver. That's the BASCO touch.